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About Aldaterra

Alda Terracciano’s way of working as artist, filmmaker, curator and cultural archivist is influential and collaborative. Over the years she has worked with diverse communities in Britain, placing the theme of migration centre stage in her practice both as an artist and as activist within the field of black British arts heritage, setting up the first archive of African, Asian and Caribbean performing arts in the UK. Inspired by the intrinsically poetic quality of the everyday life, her fascination with cinéma vérité, and the theatricality of everyday life informs her style of work, which shows a unique sensibility towards the emergence of people’s unconscious in their daily practices. She often creates work that makes use of nonlinear narrative and plays with the evocative interplay between sounds and images to create a sense of “hyper reality” and “g-local” culture.

In 2002 she was awarded a PhD in Theatre History by the Istituto Universitario Orientale (Italy) in collaboration with Middlesex University (London). Over the years she has been invited to present her research and creative work at a number of conferences in the UK and internationally, contributing to advance research in the field of performing arts, digital arts and migration studies. As a freelance consultant, she worked as curator, theatre director and dramaturg, and video artist for a number of organisations including LIFT (London International Festival of Theatre), the Victoria and Albert Museum, motiroti and Tamasha Theatre Company, while her passion for education and creative dissemination led to her work as consultant for Creative Partnerships and other educational institutions and organisations.

In 2010 she set up the not for profit making company, ALDATERRA Projects, to deliver socially engaged activities within the field of visual arts and trans-media, foster international exchange and collaborations, and develop intergenerational and educational programmes.