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Over the past 20 years, Alda Terracciano has campaigned for the preservation and dissemination of the history of black performance in the UK.  While researching her PhD she established FUTURE HISTORIES, the first archive repository of African, Asian and Caribbean performing arts in the UK. Her aim was to overcome the state of invisibility of black arts within the mainstream heritage sector and stimulate creative engagement with the archival material. She conceived and delivered a series of ground-breaking black heritage project gaining the support of Heritage Lottery Fund and other institutions. Her voluntary contribution to the development of the organisation went hand in hand with consultations for independent organisations, educational and arts institutions such as Middlesex University, Kingston University, Arts Council England and others, to widen and deepen the impact of her work within the sector.

In the artist’s words, as reported by Dr Andrew Flinn in his article on archival activism, independent and community-led archives: “So I realised that actually to decide to gather information, organise information, and preserve information to disseminate it was a political act”.