Discover the artist within


Over the years Alda Terracciano has directed, produced and performed a number of ‘creative acts’, including theatre and live performance, films, video art and other experimental work independently and for commissioning organisations. They represent the bedrock of the company ALDATERRA Productions, which the artist set up in 2010 with the aim of creating commercially viable products inspired by her art works.

The company’s vision is to reconnect people across cultures and continents through digital art products that will mimic the artist’s creative process to stimulate users’ creativity, awaken the artist within and learn about each other. The company intends to promote innovation through international artistic collaborations and the cross-fertilisation between different disciplines, art forms, and digital technology. Its aim is to produce high quality digital content for consumption on a variety of digital platforms, and to position itself on the global market through the development of innovative strategies of creative public engagement.

If you have a proposal for collaboration, want to take part to the company’s internship programme or have a chat about an innovative idea please contact the Artistic Director Alda Terracciano at