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Did I Tell You What Happened?

In 2005 LIFT commissioned Alda Terracciano to produce the film Did I Tell You What Happened? which gave an account of the public experiment and creative process that took place during May and June 2004 as part of the five-years project LIFT Enquiry.
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According to the artist: “As a collective organism the Bargehouse offered a cumulative answer to the question “What is theatre to you?” Looking at the interplay between the Enquirers and their witnesses Did I Tell You What Happened? is an act of recall, conjuring presence out of absence and voices out of the silence”.

The film was produced with the support of Arts Council England, and presented at the Curzon Soho Cinema in London on 9 May 2005 with the.


Shifting Cultural Perspectives in British Arts Institutions

As part of her commitment to disseminating creative forms of learning and non-Western art forms and aesthetics, in 2004 Alda Terracciano collaborated with Ali Zaidi from motiroti to produce a series of interviews with leading figures in the British cultural landscape to reflect on ways in which vernacular culture and tacit knowledge can be made comprehensible in other contexts such as higher arts education. The documentary titled “Shifting Cultural Perspectives in British Arts Institutions” was presented at the ELIA Symposium in Lucerne on 5 November 2004.