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Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes

Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes is a video-sound installation produced by the artist over a period of 8 years, which explores the traces and memories of 3 migration journeys as they resurface in people’s  bodies and everyday life across the globe. The complete work was unveiled for the first time during the London Olympic Games in the summer 2012 as part of the Greenwich Peninsula Festival.


Natasha and Liu

As part of her role as Creative Director for the online exhibition Trading Faces Recollecting Slavery, in 2008 Alda Terracciano directed and produced two video art pieces based on the real lives of Natasha and Liu, two enslaved migrants from Russia and China living in London.

In November 2010 the video Natasha was selected and screened at the Human Rights Festival in Naples (Italy). Watch the version with Italian subtitles here…


Memories from Childhood

This short piece was produced in 2007 during a training programme on the art of directing and editing. It reflects the artist’s interest in the sensory quality of memory and her ongoing process of experimentation with video. Memories of Childhood will soon be made public on this website.