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Moments of Interaction

Since 2009 Alda Terracciano has been engaging audiences creatively with her art project Streets of…7 cities in 7 minutes. These early-stage ‘moments of interaction’ later developed into the “Living Archaeology of the Place”, an intergenerational creative programme, which ran alongside the presentation of the artwork in 2012 – 2013.  The activities developed by the artist include questionnaires, short interviews, and interactive reminiscence sessions with the audience.  Below you can find a list of the events that have taken place in this context. To find out more about participants’ contributions, please follow the links below.

1. Streets of…7 cities in 7 minutes Private View, City Noises (London), 15 August 2012

On Wednesday 15 August 2012 Alda Terracciano hosted a special viewing of Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes, which was presented as a site-specific, video-sound installation, in a secret garden in North Greenwich, as part of the City Noises programme. The evening included a Q&A with the artist, the launch of the Living Archaeology of the Place programme, short interviews and questionnaires. Find out more at

2. Streets of…7 cities in 7 minutes, Jamaica Day (London), 12 August 2012

During the time Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes was installed at the Greenwich Peninsula Festival, the artist and her team took the opportunity to invite some of the people visiting the Jamaica Day Festival to see the installation, engaging visitors in a conversation on ancestral memories and urban life in Salvador de Bahia, Jamaica, and South London. Find out more at

3. Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes, Blog Launch, Karamel Club, 12 December 2010

To mark the launch of the project blog, the artist organised an evening of screenings and music at the Karamel Club, London on 12th December 2010. During the evening the public was also asked its views of the artwork and invited to suggest ways of supporting its exhibition during the London Cultural Olympiads. Find out more at

4. Streets of… 7 cities in minutes, Work in Progress Screenings, London October – November 2009

On the basis that everyday life is art, the work in progress of Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes was screened in various venues in London as a ‘trigger’ to provoke questions and reflections.  The newly produced Streets of Salvador was presented together with Streets of Mumbai and Streets of Naples at Inn on the Green (25 – 27 October 2009), The Boys Hall (28 – 29 October 2009) and Roxy Bar and Screen (2 – 5 November 2009), and the 93 Feet East Club and . During these events Alda Terracciano asked a series of questions related to people’s cultural heritage and its connection to body movements, as reference points for the development new pieces. Find out more at