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Moments of Reflection

Pausing and looking back at his or her artwork is part of any artist’s practice. In this respect, reflection represents a crucial stage of the creative process, in the same way as asking questions about the act of doing can be a tool to elevate experience beyond the realm of the now and put it in the wider context of one’s creative journey. To do this in a public context offers the added value of engaging with this powerful act in a collective way, sharing its value and amplifying the process of learning beyond the individual. Following the completion of the artworks for her installation, Alda Terracciano engaged with the public and fellow artists in two conversations, sharing moments of revelation and learning, as well as imparting the inside view on a practice which she had developed over nearly a decade.

1. The Artists’ Salon, Rich Mix (London), 26 January 2013

To mark the ending of her exhibition “Streets of… a Living Archaeology” at the Rich Mix, the artist hosted a panel discussion with other artists, activists and academics to explore the philosophical, aesthetic and political ideas at the centre of her artwork. Watch the edit video here…


The panel included Manick Govinda, coordinator for the Manifesto Club’s Visiting Artists campaign, who helped locate the question of artists’ free mobility within the context of the current UK Home Office’s restrictions on non-EU artists and academics in Britain. Joe Kelleher, Professor of Theatre and Performance at Roehampton University, whose research interests include the structures of theatrical persuasion within and beyond the professional theatre, who explored the performative aspects of the installation, and the resurfacing of the collective unconscious in the ‘theatre of the everyday life’. The photographer and filmmaker Abbas Zahedi, originally from Iran, discussed his work on identity and heritage, which range from traditional patterns to contemporary photography and lyricism, helping to reflect on some philosophical and spiritual aspects of the video-sound installation. The theatre director Jorge Lopes Ramos from ZecoraUra, whose latest production HOTEL MEDEA, which runs from midnight to dawn in real time, has been touring to critical acclaim and has won a number of international awards, contributed to locate the installation within the wider context of participatory, immersive and interactive perspectives of theatrical and live art events.

2. Streets of…7 cities in 7 minutes, Preview, Rich Mix (London), 21 July 2012

The most recently completed artworks from the video-sound installation were previewed at the Rich Mix to a selected audience of artists, curators, students and journalists. The event offered them an opportunity to learn more about the artist’s creative process, engage in a conversation with the artist and Prof. Raminder Kaur on how to develop a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures in the UK, encouraging a critical re-evaluation of issues connected to migration, and to explore some of the themes of the artworks through a personal reminiscence session. Find out more here.