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Exhibitions & Schools

Alda Terracciano’s approach to curatorial work is indebted to the African practice of ‘Orature’, which implies a circularity of knowledge and a creative exchange between performers and members of the audience. Her method of work is based on the assumption that art is best experienced in environments, which help to forge relations of social exchange and shared learning.

For this reason the exhibitions and other creative events curated by the artist are often the result of a process of creative consultation with artists and members of the public, with the aim of opening up the curatorial practice towards new forms of public engagement and relational art. The point is not only to include voices from outside the art world, but remould the curatorial practice, establishing new platforms of democratic public engagement.

Alda Terracciano’s curatorial activity has included physical and online exhibitions, a theatre festivalconferences and panel discussions, as well as art projects aimed at developing the creative curriculum in schools.