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Creative Curriculum

Between 2009 and 2011 Alda Terracciano worked for Creative Partnerships as Creative Agent in eight schools across London. She successfully promoted shared learning amongst the participants and supported the use of a variety of art forms (including sculpture, painting, dance, theatre, music and films) as vehicles for improved curriculum learning activities. As part of her role, she also advocated the introduction of alternative systems of assessment, proposing artistic creations and self-evaluation as means of stimulating an imaginative and non-hierarchical learning environment in schools.

It is the artist’s belief that delivering arts programmes in schools should aim not only at developing young people’s skills in the various art forms, but also encouraging them to explore their wider role as citizens, appreciating the impact that individuals can have on the economic, political, aesthetic and social development of their communities. At the same time, it is important that schools link creative sessions to reflective moments to stimulate critical thinking in young people and their ability to discover innovative ways of social and creative interaction.

What the teachers said:

“Dear Alda, thank you so much for all your help and support during our project. You gave so much to the process and have been inspiring and positive throughout. We’ve really enjoyed working with you and fingers crossed we may work again next year!” (Zoe Merritt, Compton School, 2010, London)

“Dear Alda, thank you so much for allowing us this amazing experience.” (Graham, Compton School, 2010, London)


In 2013 the artist started a new creative learning programme for schools based on her artwork “Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes”.

Watch the behind the scenes video of her project at Holy Trinity School. here…