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In her role as Creative Director at Future Histories, Alda Terracciano curated the  exhibition Staging the Journey on the life and work of the American Caribbean playwright Edgar Nkosi White, which opened in March 2004 at the Museum of Domestic Architecture in North London, and the installation Life in Performance at The National Archives, to launch the new online catalogue of the motiroti archive. She also conceived and directed Trading Faces Recollecting Slavery, the first online exhibition on the legacy of the Transatlantic Slave Trade in British performing arts. The exhibition was launched in November 2008 and since then has received more than 700,000 hits becoming an essential reference point for any students researching on black theatre in the UK.

“Life in Performance” installation, The National Archives, 16 March 2005. Photo by Rudy Atwell

“Staging the Journey”, launch event, 25 March 2004. Photo by Rudy Atwell

Edgar Nkosi White at the launch of

Edgar Nkosi White at the launch of “Staging the Journey”, 25 March 2004. Photo by Rudy Atwell



Alda Terracciano’s role as Dramaturg and Curator of the LIFT 04 Enquiry (a five-year project exploring theatre worldwide) focused on engaging a wide variety of artists and intellectuals – commissioning, devising and delivering artwork including critical essays, films, performances and new media. In particular, she was responsible for shaping the narrative of the Season and identifying mechanisms of interaction amongst its participants to investigate the processes of production and reception of international theatre in London. She was pivotal in facilitating the circulation of ideas and experiences amongst the LIFT personnel, its board of directors, invited international artists, Enquirers and audiences. The process culminated in production of 100 performances, videos, talks, visual installations and participatory workshops from artists and members of the public from a wide range of age groups, professions and cultural backgrounds. It took place at the Bargehouse between May and June 2004.

What the directors said:

Thank you for the consistency, intelligence and affection you directed at the Enquiry and its multifarious components – theatrical, human, bricks and mortar, visiting spirits and goddamn hard work. (…) You brought tenacity, discipline, ambition and argument. You brought clarity, determination and one of your early words ‘punctuation’. Thankyou.” (Lucy Neal and Rose Fenton, former LIFT Artistic Directors, 2005)