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To travel is often an experience that brings with it coinciding uncertainty and excitement, wonderment and fatigue. On the other hand, to be born a traveller means to experience the whole of life as a journey, embracing each individual moment as unique and unrepeatable, an opportunity for learning as well as meditating upon the ultimate meaning of our transient human condition.

Such inborn instinct for travel was beautifully described by the renowned 14th century Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta, as he departed his birthplace Tangier to visit Mecca: “I set out alone, having neither fellow-traveler in whose companionship I might find cheer, nor caravan whose party I might join, but swayed by an overmastering impulse within me and a desire long-cherished in my bosom to visit these illustrious sanctuaries. So I braced my resolution to quit all my dear ones, female and male, and forsook my home as birds forsake their nests”.

Moved by the same unquenchable thirst for knowledge, travelling through life has brought to me exceptional encounters with people, places, and memories. Sometimes I recorded them with external devises, being them pen and paper, a camera, or a sound recorder. Other times I just let the flow of the journey go through me, allowing my soul to simply record bits and pixels, smells and tastes through an internal navigation system more similar to a kaleidoscope, which absorbs undistinguished light to project it back in beams of multiple colours and shapes.

Travel lies at the core of all the experiences mapped on this website. Hence, this section of the website will be used as a blog open to the ever-changing conditions of the everyday life, as well as to those who share this existential condition with me and decide to contribute with their comments.

Click here for a small display of photographic recordings gathered over the last few years – just to start!