Dream on Monkey Mountain

Dream on Monkey Mountain (2006)

As Creative Director of Future Histories, in 2006 Alda Terracciano embarked on a new collaboration with Tuup, a master storyteller, and Jamika Ajalon, a musician and sound designer, to adapt the original script held in the Future Histories archive and create a storytelling session inspired by Derek Walcott’s play Dream on Monkey Mountain. Raising questions of love, madness, power and the search for identity, the tale explores the influence that dreams can have in shaping our lives. The performance took place at the V&A Theatre Museum on 22 March 2006 to mark the beginning of a new phase of development for Future Histories as an arts and heritage organisation, while establishing new ways of engaging with archival material. “Being a ‘living archive’ for the living experience of our pluri-cultural metropolis, Future Histories has been set up to oppose discrimination and social exclusion by drawing from the power of art and memory and their transformative potential” (Alda Terracciano).

The performance was produced with the support of Arts Council England.

Trailer of the video documentation