Alda Terracciano’s interest in practice-as-research dates back to her PhD in Theatre History, which she completed in 2002 with the thesis Crossing Lines: an Analysis of Integration and Separatism within Black Theatre in Britain, at the Università di Napoli “L’Orientale” in collaboration with Middlesex University, London. In order to engage the wider public and disseminate research outcomes, in 2001 she co-funded the independent black and Asian theatre archive Future Histories. Since then, she has been interested in the emergence of the archive as a key concept and object of critical heritage studies, exploring its impact on the formation and articulation of individual and collective identities, memories, cultural values and power relations.

Using a Participatory Action Research methodology, in 2012 she devised the Memory Session method, employing analogue and digital systems to elicit people’s responses and creative contributions to her practice research. This is based on an ethical approach that values autonomy, identity and ownership as key elements in the engagement of local communities.

Alda Terracciano is Honorary Research Associate at UCL Information Studies department and Co-Leader of the Embracing the Archive Cluster at the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS), a collaboration between UCL and Gothenburg University.

Impact activities:

2019     Long Table conversation on “Urban Regeneration, Intangible Heritage & Participatory Practices” to enquire the realities of urban regeneration for local communities in London. The activity was part of the Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS) Heritage Week, UCL, 27 March.

2018     Latin American Memory Routes an engagement programme in collaboration with Prof Muki Haklai from UCL Geography department, Mapping for Change, and the community centre Pueblito Paisa to explore Latin American cultural memories in and around the Seven Sisters Latin American market. The activity was funded by UCL Centre for Critical Heritage Studies (CCHS) and Great Challenge of Transformative Technology (GCTT).

2015     Co-convenor with Andrew Flinn (UCL) and Astrid Von Rosen (University of Gothenburg) of the Symposium “Archives, Art and Activism: Exploring Critical Heritage Approaches to Global Societal Challenges”, UCL, 3 – 5 Sept.


Chapters in Books

2018     “Future Histories: An Activist Practice of Archiving,” in Popular Postcolonialisms: Discourses of Empire and Popular Culture, edited by Atia N. & Houlden K. London: Routledge, ISBN-10:1138125059

2017     “Streets of…: A multi-sensory experience of 7 cities in 7 minutes,” in Memories of a City, edited by Westin J. & Holmberg I. M. Gothenburg: University of Gothenburg, ISBN: 978-91-88101-03-7

2011     “Trans-national politics and cultural practices of the Trading Faces online exhibition,” in Black arts in Britain: Literary, Visual, Performative, edited by Annalisa Oboe and Francesca Giommi. Roma: Aracne, ISBN/EAN: 9788854844247

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Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

2018     “The Trading Faces Online Exhibition and its Strategies of Public Engagement”, in HUMAN IT: Nordic Digital Humanities: Resources and Practices. Vol 14, No 2: Nordic Digital Resources and Practices, University of Borås, Borås, Sweden, ISSN 1402-151X.

2017     “7 Cities in 7 Minutes: A Feminine Paradigm of Sensory Art”. Body, Space & Technology Journal, London: Brunel University, 02 Papers 16.

1999     “Ubu in Sud-Africa.” Lo Straniero, Rome, Winter.

1997     “Il Teatro black. L’Esperimento del Tara Arts Group.” Drammaturgia, Vol. IV.


Published Conference Proceedings

2019     “Mapping Memory Routes. A Multisensory Approach to Migration Heritage and Urban Studies” in P. Brunnström & R. Claesson: Creating the City. Identity, Memory and Participation. Proceedings from the conference Creating the City. Identity Memory and Participation, pages 538-547, Malmö University, Sweden, 9-10 February, 2017, ISSN: 1654-6881, DOI

2019     “Curating the Archive – a Critical Approach to Archiving Theatre History”, in Freeze! Challenge the Hierarchy: Researcher, Artist, User! Proceedings of SIBMAS 2016, University of Copenhagen.

2018     “Zelige Door on Golborne Road: Exploring the Design of a Multisensory Interface for Arts, Migration and Critical Heritage Studies” in E. Mäkelä & M. Tolonen: DHN2018 – an Analysis of a Digital Humanities Conference. Proceedings of Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries 3rd Conference, Helsinki, Finland, March 7-9, 2018, EID: 2-s2.0-85045342526 (awarded Best Paper).

2017     Terracciano, A., Dima M., Carulli M., Bordegoni M., “Mapping Memory Routes: a Multisensory Interface for Sensorial Urbanism and Critical Heritage Studies”, in CHI EA ’17: Proceedings of the 2017 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, pages 353-356, Denver, Colorado, USA, May 06 – 11, 2017, ISBN: 978-1-4503-4656-6 DOI 10.1145/3027063.3052958

Forthcoming Peer-Reviewed Publications

“Intangible Heritage and the Built Environment: Using Multisensory Digital Interfaces to Map Migrants Memories,” in Diasporic, Migrant and Multicultural Heritage (Key Issues in Cultural Heritage), edited by Dellios, A., and Henrich, E. London: Routledge.

“Memory Routes – a Multisensory Digital Approach to Art, Migration and Critical Heritage Studies,” in Migration and Stereotypes in Performance and Culture, edited by Dean, D., Vesselova, N., McNeil, D., and Meerzon, Y. London: Palgrave.


Select keynotes, conference papers, lectures and interactive presentations


  • Paper “Mapping Memory Routes of Moroccan Communities”, Public History Conference, UCL, 17 September
  • Paper “Place-making, Community Memories and Immersive Technologies in the multisensory installation and live art event Zelige Door on Golborne Road, IFTR 2019 annual conference, Shanghai, 7-12 July.


  • Paper “Memory Routes: People’s voices, Migration and Intangible heritage”, NORDIK XII Art History Conference, Copenhagen, 25-27 October.
  • Paper “Mapping Memory Routes: a Multisensory Interface for Sensorial Urbanism and Heritage Studies”, British Sociological Association (BSA) annual conference, University of Newcastle, 10-12 April.
  • Paper “The Trading Faces online exhibition and its strategies of public engagement”, On Whose Terms? Ten Years On… conference, Goldsmiths, University of London, 22 -23 March.
  • Paper “Zelige Door on Golborne Road: Exploring the Design of a Multisensory Interface for Arts, Migration and Critical Heritage Studies”, Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries (DHN), University of Helsinki, 7-9 March (Awarded Best Paper).


  • Keynote lecture “The Artist in the Midst: Challenges and Opportunities in the Co-production of Multiple Cultural Heritages”, Digikult – Digital Culture and Practice annual conference, Gothenburg, 29-30 March.
  • Installation “Zelige Door on Golborne Road” at: CHI 2017 Interactivity’s Demonstrations, Denver, CO, 6-11 May; and VRST 2017 (23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology), VR/AR Demos, Chalmers University of Technology, 8-10 November.
  • Co-arranged panel with Astrid von Rosen on Multisensorial Heritage and digital interfaces; paper “Mapping Memory RoutesA case study of Multisensory heritage, Migration studies and digital arts”, GPS400 – Gothenburg Cultures on the Town 1621 – 2021 conference, University of Gothenburg, 9-10 November.
  • Paper “Mapping Memory Routes – a Multisensory Approach to Art, Migration and Critical Heritage Studies”, AHRC Heritage Priority Area Conference – Heritage Studies: Critical Approaches and New Directions, UCL, 4-5 October.
  • Multi-media paper Streets of… 7 cities in 7 minutes, OverFlow PSi#23 – Performance Studies International Annual conference, Hamburg, 8-11 June.
  • Video paper ”Mapping Memory Routes – a Multisensory Approach to Art, Migration and Critical Heritage Studies”, May Meeting, Centre for Global Heritage and Development and National Museum of Antiquities, Leiden University, 12-13 May.
  • Paper “Mapping Memory Routes – a Multisensory Approach to Art, Migration and Critical Heritage Studies”, Migration | Representation | Stereotypes, University of Ottawa, Carleton University, 28-30 April.
  • Paper “The Trading Faces Online Exhibition and its Strategies of Public Engagement”, Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries (DHN), University of Gothenburg, 14-16 March.
  • Paper “Mapping Memory Routes – a Multisensory Approach to Critical Heritage Studies”, Creating the City: Identity, Memory and Participation, University of Malmo, 9-10 February.


  • Workshop “Community Archives”, Connecting Community Archives – What Next? A one-day workshop, University of Edinburgh, 28 November.
  • Invited workshop leader “Curating the Archive”, 31st Conference of the International Association of Libraries, Museums, Archives and Documentation Centres of the Performing Arts (SIBMAS) – University of Copenhagen, 31May – 3June.
  • Workshop “A Design Strategy for Multisensory Experiences in Urban Ethnographic Research”, Computer Human Interaction (CHI) 2016 Workshop “Touch, Taste, & Smell User Interfaces: The Future of Multisensory Human Computer Interaction (HCI)”, San Jose, CA, 7-12 May.


  • Paper “A Multisensory experience of 7 cities in 7 minutes”, Challenge the Past / Diversify the Future, University of Gothenburg, 19 – 21 March.