Zelige Door on Golborne Road

Zelige Door on Golborne Road

Multisensory immersive installation by Alda Terracciano including 2D and 3D prints, photographs, objects, smells, tastes, sounds, augmented reality software, and video recordings of Moroccan people’s memories. 2017

Between May and December 2016, Alda Terracciano engaged 44 members of the Moroccan community in West London in a project exploring their living heritage through a series of Memory Sessions focused on their everyday life. These memories were shared through Zelige Door on Golborne Road, a digital interactive sensorial map including physical objects related to various aspects of Moroccan culture, each requiring a different sense to be experienced. Augmented Reality (AR) technology developed by the HCI designer Mariza Dima was used to superimpose onto the objects pre-recorded video material sourced from people living, working or visiting Golborne Road. Olfactory displays were developed with engineers from Politecnico di Milano. As a result, the installation offers a unique experience of the road represented as a living archive of cultural memories expressed in the form of artefacts, sensory stimulation and narratives of citizens from the place.

The project was produced by Aldaterra Projects in collaboration with Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Project, Making Communities Work and Grow, Politecnico di Milano, Queen Mary, University of London and Centre for Critical Heritage Studies. It represents a creative response to the increasing gentrification of Golborne Road, which is leading Moroccan families and businesses out of the borough with the risk of losing memory of their heritage in the area. The idea is to directly involve communities as carriers of tacit intangible heritage, and frame a utopic space within the city.

The installation was presented at:

  • Rich Mix (arts venue), private view and project launch, London, 03.03.17
  • Making Communities Work and Grow, sharing event, London, 24.03.17
  • Blå Stället (arts venue), exhibition, Gothenburg, 25.04.17
  • CHI 2017 Interactivity’s Demonstrations, Denver, CO, 6-11.05.17
  • VRST 2017 (23rd ACM Symposium on Virtual Reality Software and Technology), VR/AR Demos, Chalmers University of Technology, 8-10.11.17
  • The Curve (Grenfell Tower residents community centre), exhibition, London, 20-23.02.18
  • Tate Modern, Tate Exchange programme, exhibition, London, 01-06.05.18
  • UCL South Cloister, Heritage Week programme, exhibition, London, 27.03.19
  • Museum of World’s Culture, exhibition, Gothenburg, 07.11.19

See a short video of the project launch here and a selection of memories here.

Produced by Aldaterra Projects as part of Mapping Memory Routes of Moroccan Communities project.



Director: Alda Terracciano

AR Developer: Mariza Dima

Olfactory Frame and Displays: Monica Bordegoni and Marina Carulli

Golborne Road map printing: Kieran Walton and Catherine Stolarski

Assistant for Memory Sessions: Radia Aadnan

Cameraman: Jana Riedel

Video Editor: Natalia Kouneli

Community Liaison: Abderrahman Elguerbouzi at MCWG

Moroccan Culture Advisor: Esma Dukali at Al-Hasaniya Centre

Photographer: Andy Wasley