Liu and Natasha

Liu and Natasha

Moving image by Alda Terracciano. 2009

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As part of her role of curator for the online exhibition Trading Faces Recollecting Slavery, in 2008 Alda Terracciano directed and produced two moving image artworks based on the real lives of Natasha and Liu, the pseudonyms of two enslaved migrants from Russia and China living in London. In 2009 the artworks were published online in the Voices section of the online exhibition designed to celebrate the abolition of the transatlantic slave trade in Britain. In November 2010 Natasha was selected and screened at the Human Rights Festival in Naples (Italy).

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Director and cameraman: Alda Terracciano

Interviewer: Rahila Gupta

Video Editors: Bert Hunger and Emiliano Battista

Sound Editor: Massimo Albrizio

Translator: Xiaoxing Wang