Port of Naples

Port of Naples

Theatre adaptation of Scalo Marittimo by Raffaele Viviani. 1997

For this production Alda Terracciano worked with the American literary academic Gordon Poole on a free adaptation and translation of the original play Scalo Marittimo, a drama about migration penned in 1918 by the Neapolitan playwright Raffaele Viviani. The text was performed for the first time in the UK between 28th and 30th November 1997 under the title Port of Naples and presented as a cabaret by a cast of five at the Tara Arts Centre in South London.


Director and producer: Alda Terracciano

Translator: Gordon Poole

Actors: Antonio Pizzo, Aldo Gatt, Susanna Poole, Vernon Douglas, Ginea Wolf, and Alda Terracciano.

Set Designer: Salvatore Forino.

Light Designer: Hitesh Chauhan

Musical Adaptation: Nitin Sawhney

Trailer of video documentation